HT-M00 Firmware Upgrade



This article aims to describe how to upgrade the HT-M00 firmware and the processing method of overwriting the HT-M00 firmware.


Since the HT-M00 firmware version V1.8 has updated the gateway activation code algorithm. Therefore, upgrading from V1.7 and below to V1.8 and above requires reactivating the HT-M00 gateway. Please send the gateway ESP32 chip ID to “”, we will recalculate the activation code for you and upload it to the server.


Firmware Upgrade Logs

  • V1.7

    • Add noise floor automatic calibration function;

    • Known bug fix.

  • V1.8

    • Timing check SX1276 working status, if the SX1276 chips working not normal, system auto reset.

  • V1.9

    • Add preamble length parsing function. If the json package sent by the server has a pream field, HT-M00 will parse and forward it.

Upgrade Firmware

Download HT-M00 corresponding upgrade firmware


Enter the HT-M00 gateway configuration interface by connecting to the HT-M00 WiFi(can refer to HT-M00 Quick Start),click “Firmwaer Update”。


Click “Select firmware” to select the corresponding upgrade firmware that has been downloaded, and click “Update” to upgrade.


After the upgrade is complete, a corresponding prompt will pop up and restart the gateway.



The Processing Method of Overwriting the HT-M00 Firmware

Download HT-M00 Firmware

Open the downloaded file and edit the “M00.bat” file.


Change the COM port to the COM port corresponding to HT-M00.


After the modification is completed, run “M00.bat” to complete the gateway firmware upload.

If HT-M00’s serial port print shows that it is not activated when refreshes the firmware again. Please refer to this topic:


This firmware version is V1.4, and the firmware can be upgraded according to the “firmware upgrade” method.